The Process

Shelton Taylor & Associates creates property identity with carefully planned interiors.

Working with all entities through the development phase, ST&A coordinates efforts to create a beautiful property that hits the target market and boasts as a place of pride for the owners, developers and management. By studying the demographics of each location Shelton Taylor strives to develop an identity that attracts the desired resident profile.

There is a process to ensure that the end result is what the owner and developer is envisioning. This process is tried and true and has worked for Shelton Taylor for over 20 years.

Steps in the design process

  1. Programming
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Document Preparation
  5. Construction Administration
  6. Procurement
  7. Installation

Our goal is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations on every project!

Customer Service is always the most important step in our process!

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Designing the Details
Designing the Details
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