Shelton Taylor + Associates creates interior identities for multi-family residential dwellings.

In 1991, Judith Shelton identified an opportunity to leverage her knowledge and skill to greater impact the development of multi-unit residential properties. For the last three decades, she has remained at the forefront of our design processes as we breathe life into residential multi-family dwellings.

Since then, we’ve steadily grown into an industry-leading team of interior designers as we expand on her expertise. We reference her depth of experience and continue to build upon her knowledge as we create communities that enable our properties to stand out from the competition.

Our diverse team of talented professionals approaches every project with a passion for bringing to life the personality of a property through interior design.

Our projects are both an art and a science, as we pair our creativity and design-thinking with meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the boundaries of the overall project. This perceptive and thoughtful approach allows us to implement designs that are aligned not only with the creative design for the property, but also with the operational aspects of the project as a whole.

Finally, at our core, we are individuals serving individuals. We act with integrity at every turn, and we’re guided by our commitment to ethical conduct. We have worked diligently on behalf of our clients and with our vendors to earn a reputation that allows us to serve our clients with confidence.

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We design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future unknown.

Who We Are

We are a group of perceptive, poised, pleasant, honorable individuals.